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Pureheart ? Seven Keys to Wholeness

I started writing this book in 1999. Who would have thought it would have taken fourteen years to publish. I kept telling myself that I had not published this book because I could not put my hand on the last chapter. All of the other six chapters I found on three and four devices and even found hard copies printed out but I could not find the seventh chapter anywhere. Finally I yielded to the Holy Spirit saying to me, ?just rewrite the chapter?. Just rewrite the chapter. This is what this entire journey to wholeness has been about rewriting chapters in my life that did not speak the truth about me or my situation according to God?s Word. So fourteen years later I rewrote the chapter. What you have now is me living through these seven chapters ? 2 times (14 years) a double blessing.  

I have had to forget some things, forgive some things, believe some things, and discover some things, but it has been worth the journey. The seventh chapter was going to be entitled Self Esteem verses Spirit Esteem. That is about all I recall about that. Most likely I had low self-esteem at the time and that was before I discovered I am a spirit and there is nothing missing or lacking with my spirit man. God is so amazing because He definitely did not want me to end this book on that note. But He wanted to end this book with transformation, revelation, and confirmation.  

I invite you to ?pure heart: seven keys to wholeness??a lot of things will not be new for you but to discover them through someone else?s journey may help you understand you are not alone and there are principles to freedom. But only a pure heart knows what is true.

   Pureheart Ministries was founded in 1999 by Bishop Pamela S. Jackson. The vision of Pureheart is to uplift, encourage, motivate, cultivate, instruct, equip and prepare God's people to prosper in every area of life.

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